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A new pet and animal lifestyle series aimed at grown ups! Our first series is enjoying a repeat- Sunday's, 8am on TEN


Welcome to Animal Extra. Ya know, Australia really needed a pet TV series which was free of over excited zoo rangers jumping around holding lizards- so we gladly obliged. Animal Extra is your new glossy Sunday magazine lifestyle series around pets and animals. New series back on air in 2018.


This exciting new lifestyle series is hosted by Walt Collins, best known for his role on Ten's Healthy Homes TV Australia series.


Our animal experts will reveal the best solutions on the market and put them to the test, along with our resident vet Dr. Kevin- and the odd celebrity pet; you're in for a real treat with this new series. Now Sit... Stay..... and watch!

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Please note- all competitons are now closed!



Walt and Nugget are in the city to visit our viewer Toni and her little dog Hadley. Toni and Hadley live in a town house, so it's balcony living for Hadley. Walt has some great ideas for the them in this fantastic episode.


We've come across a camera system you can install at home and control from your phone. We meet our series vet Dr. Kevin who shows us a few tips for your animal's health, Walt meets a group of people giving a new life to retired race horses and we have found the best way of staying on top of your pet's fur and dirt at home. 



We're out to the country in today's episode to meet our viewer Clare in her beautiful home. Clare has 4 kids, a bouncy chocolat lab and a little cockatiel. 


On today's show, Dr Kevin is back to talk about the importance of nutrition, Nugget checks into a 5 star pet hotel for a much needed break. Walt gets to grips with and beats council cat curfews and Dr Katrina Warren drops by with very cute little wonderdogs.



This week we are in the city with our viewer Alex who lives in a smaller style unit with a cat and a dog- so space is limited. As usual we have a few things up our sleeves to help her co-habitate a littler easier with her fur family!


On today's show, we meet a beautiful rescue dog and hear his touching story, Dr Kevin is back with a great guide on DIY flea treatments. Walt shows us is favourite cat loo system, we learn how to stop lawn burn from dog wee... and see how technology is helping track down your missing pets.



This week on Animal Extra, the team arrive at our viewer Liz's house who is proud mum to two very cheeky Mini Schnauzers. Liz is great fun and lives in a fantastic inner city house.


Today Dr Kevin is back to talk cats and flea treatments, it's Nugget's birthday so we go shopping in style. Find out how to take the perfect pet photo with Australia's best pet photographer and a touching rescue story with a little Angel :)



This week Animal Extra takes some Japanese inspiration from our viewer Shaun! Living in a beautiful house in the beachside suburbs, Shaun welcomes Walt and Nugget for a fun filled day.


On today's show we have a great solution to stopping one pet eating the other's food. We've found a unique online pet boutique thats inspired by Japanese pop culture, Nugget gets a professional grooming session and it's kittens galore as we meet Sayda Hearts Home Rescue group.



Walt and Nugget travel to the big city this week, to hang out with Vegas and his gorgeous Great Dane, Lenny.


On today's show we stop the smell! No more pet wee smell on your fake turf, plus a touching story on a group of people giving retired race horses a second chance. Walt sets up camera's at home to spy on the pets and Nugget tries out his new dog harness complete with it's own video camera!



This week Walt and Nugget drop in on our viewer Mel who has a couple of dogs, cats and kids!


We learn how you shouldn't keep rabbits and Guinea pigs together, Max the rescue German Shepherd gets a second chance at life plus Dr Kevin is back to talk pet first aid. And Walt gets to grips on the best kind of pet bed!



For our final episode of the series, Walt and Nugget turn up on the doorstep of our viewer Fimy and her two very cute Cavoodles.


In this episode our series Vet Dr Kevin is back to talk cat wee problems, we teach Nugget some new tricks with Basil the dog trainer. Plus, we meet some rescue rabbits who are loved and cared for by a lovely rescue group and Walt shows the latest microchip pet door. Thanks for watching!