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This week Walt and Nugget drop in on our viewer Mel who has a couple of dogs, cats and kids!


We learn how you shouldn't keep rabbits and Guinea pigs together, Max the rescue German Shepherd gets a second chance at life plus Dr Kevin is back to talk pet first aid. And Walt gets to grips on the best kind of pet bed!



Rabbits v Guinea Pigs

Series Vet Dr Kevin explains why it's a really good idea to never keep rabbits and Guinea pigs together for health reasons. Plus, how to check your rabbit's health at home.




Giving dogs a second chance at life

Walt meets a lovely lady who took on a beautiful German Shepherd after it was abused for most of it's life. A perfect example of how people like www.secondchanceanimalrescue.com.au are saving the lives of cats and dogs every day.




Pet First Aid

Dr Kevin is back to give Walt a bit of advice on what to do in an emergency. Snake bite, car accident, poisoning- would you know what to do?




Designer Pet Beds

Walt meets the people behind a really cool designer pet bed company called www.stellasaurus.com.au who turn recycled water bottles into designer and up market pet beds!



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