E P I S O D E   S I X 


Walt and Nugget travel to the big city this week, to hang out with Vegas and his gorgeous Great Dane, Lenny.


On today's show we stop the smell! No more pet wee smell on your fake turf, plus a touching story on a group of people giving retired race horses a second chance. Walt sets up camera's at home to spy on the pets and Nugget tries out his new dog harness complete with it's own video camera!



Smell be GONE!

Fighting bacteria with bacteria- sounds like a war worth winning. Finally, a really cool way of eliminating pet smells without a single harsh chemical in sight!




Retired Race Horses

Walt meets Julia, a horse racing professional who's love for horses takes her all around the world. She is involved in a program which helps retired race horses rehabilitate back into a peaceful and active life.




Pet Spy Cams

Ever wondered what your pets get up to whilst you're not at home? Now you can watch them from any mobile device and talk to your pet through the camera! Crazy but brilliant.




Nugget Cam!

Nugget straps on his new GoPro harness and goes for a run. It's a great chance to see the world from your dog's point of view. One not to miss!



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