E P I S O D E   F I V E


This week Animal Extra takes some Japanese inspiration from our viewer Shaun! Living in a beautiful house in the beachside suburbs, Shaun welcomes Walt and Nugget for a fun filled day.


On today's show we have a great solution to stopping one pet eating the other's food. We've found a unique online pet boutique thats inspired by Japanese pop culture, Nugget gets a professional grooming session and it's kittens galore as we meet Sayda Hearts Home Rescue group.



Microchip Pet feeder- helping feeding times for multiple-pet homes.

The latest technology which uses microchips to open a feeder only to the registered pet- helping to stop other dominant and unwanted animals stealing your pet's food.




Designer pet accessories

Our viewer Shaun is involved in a boutique pet store which sells the kinds of fun stuff you see in Japan- lots of goodies in there including a prize pack give away. 




How to groom like a professional

Walt's friend Emily is a fully certified Master Groomer and gets stuck into the nitty gritty of pet grooming like a professional. There are lots of tips and tricks, plus Walt finds out her trade-secret shampoo and conditioners. 




Sayda Hearts Animal Resce

Today we meet Jacinta who runs Sayda Hearts Animal Rescue with her friend Destiny. Thousands of kittens and cats are abandonded every week in this country and people like Sayda Hearts help pick up the pieces. 


You can donate to them here: www.saydaheartshomerescue.com



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