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E P I S O D E   T H R E E   


This week we are in the city with our viewer Alex who lives in a smaller style unit with a cat and a dog- so space is limited. As usual we have a few things up our sleeves to help her co-habitate a littler easier with her fur family!


On today's show, we meet a beautiful rescue dog and hear his touching story, Dr Kevin is back with a great guide on DIY flea treatments. Walt shows us is favourite cat loo system, we learn how to stop lawn burn from dog wee... and see how technology is helping track down your missing pets.



Propac Holistic food brings us a touching story on pet adoption.


Meet Allison and her little man Samson- a rescue dog who had a terrible start in life. Samson was abandonded and abused but now lives a lovely fun filled life thanks to Allison and smoe great nutrition. 




DIY flea and parasite treatments- at the best price

Our series vet Dr Kevin is back to show us how to correctly apply the topical flea and parasite treatments on your dog- and Walt reveals where you can buy the right treatment at the right price. One not to miss.




Cat Loo break though!

Walt has been using this for months now and swears by it! We road test a very clever innovation in cat litter systems which helps bring the odour down to next to nothing. It's 100% biodegradable and uses a unique 3-tier system.




No more law burn!

If you've got a lawn and a dog- you'll know too well the annoying pain of lawn burn! Each time your dog wees on the lawn it can leave a nasty dead brown patch. Well, you won't believe how easy it is to stop it once and for all....



Digital pet tracking!

If you've ever frantically run around the streets pinning lost pet posters to the power poles- fret no more! We've found a GPS pet tracker which lets you find your pet wherever they've escaped to. This is brilliant!




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