Animal Extra

Australia needed a tv pet show so we gladly obliged!

Glossy Sunday magazine series.

Ever noticed most pet shows are aimed at kids? Not ours. 


The days of over excited rangers jumping around the screen with cutesy voices are numbered as far as producers of Animal Extra are concerned! This lively new TV series takes an intelligent approach to finding the best way of making sure your pets and animals are healthy, balanced and behaved. After all, it is the adults who make the choices for our critters. 


We've searched the country finding the most incredible stories and learning about the latest innovations, ideas, gadets and gizmos to help you and your pet have a happier and more balanced life. From tips on nutrition, to training, rescues, cleaning, grooming and travelling.... Animal Extra is groundbreaking television. There's nothing quite like this on Australian TV and we hope you'll love every second. 

The series is fronted by TV presenter and animal lover Walt Collins and his best mate Nugget the Beagle


Animal Extra needs your support to grow, so as we go to air in 2018 on Channel TEN, share the love. Like our Facebook page, share our site.


We get it. We're animal owners ourselves and we understand how irrational, psychotic and unbalanced your mind can be when it comes to protecting your pet.... so now now... take a breath, you're with your own kind now... and watch!! :) 


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